what is the slope of y+7=-5(x-2)?


The graph y = 5^(x-3)+4 is a transformation of its parent graph y = 5^x. Identify each effect of the transformation.

Right 4 Left 4 Left 3 Stretch by 5 Shrink by 5 Down 3 Up 4 Up 3 Down 4 Right 3 Not all may be selected


Please help if you can!

please help if you can f(x)=x+2 / 10-x


Please help if you can

If f(x)= 3x+7 and g(x)=x2 Find f circle g (x).

Coterminal Angles

The coterminal angle θ for 2121º such that 0º≤θ≤360º is The coterminal angle θ for 2121º such that -360º≤θ≤0º is The reference angle θ for 2121º is


Applications Decaying

The bacteria colony has an initial count of 450 bacteria in the colony and is decaying at a rate of 23% per hour. Write the number of bacteria N in the colony as a function in terms of t hours.


Population Applications Question

The rabbit population in a certain region has a growth rate of 16% per year. It is estimated that the population in the year 2013 was 7000. Write the population P as a function in terms of t years... more

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