What happens to your lungs? Why?

You are wearing scuba gear and swimming under water at a depth of sixty six feet. You are breathing air at 3.00 atm and your lung volume is 2.0 L, that’s about 0.3 moles, and your body temp is... more


If I have an unknown quantity of gas held at a temperature of 1195 K in a steel tank with a volume of 25 liters and a pressure of 560 atm, how many moles of gas do I have?

In the question above, it turns out the gas is Oxygen. How many grams of Oxygen is there


We would like to make a golden standard kilogram in the shape of circular cylinder. The density of gold is 19.32 g/cm3

a) Find the volume of the kilogram standard of gold in cubic meterb) In order to minimize the effect of surface contamination, the height of this golden standard kilogram is equal to its diameter.... more


Analysis of a hydrate

Formula of compound used NA2CO3 x H2OEmpty crucible - 12.7825gCrucible + hydrate 1.0036gCrucible + contentafter 1st heat 13.5546gafter 2nd heat 13.5967gafter 3rd heating 13.5961g 1.What is the... more


How long does it take an automobile traveling 68.3 km/h to become even with

a car that is traveling in another lane at 54.3 km/h if the cars’ front bumpers are initially 121 m apart? Answer in units of s.


Newton's Laws of Motion

Suppose the mass of a fully loaded module in which astronauts take off from the Moon is 14,400 kg. The thrust of its engines is 33,500 N. (Assume that the gravitational acceleration on the Moon... more

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