Statistics question

In a recent year, the Better Business Bureau settled 75% of complaints they received. (Source: USA Today, March 2, 2009) You have been hired by the Bureau to investigate complaints this year... more

I'm trying to figure out the possible combinations of a group of objects each priced differently.

There are 16 objects priced as follows:$9,600$9,400$9,200$8,800$8,600$8,400$7,800$7,200$7,000$6,600$6,200$5,800$5,400$5,000$4,800and finally $4,600I have a budget of $50,000. How many combinations... more


Financial math help

Caroline has been looking at condos in BC. She finally finds one she likes listed at $289 000. She has saved up $60 000 for a down payment. Assume an interest rate of 4.2%. Caroline has a take home... more

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