is -13,-6,1,8 and arithmetic sequence


i think of a number then i multiply it by 2, then i add 1, then divide the answer by 3,then i add 2, my final answer is equal to the number i thought of at the beginning

Qa. write down the algebraic equation that represents the problem.Qb. solve your equation to find the number he or she started with.


I need help on a problem don't know the answer or how to get it

What is the equation of the line that passes through the point (7,0) and is parallel to the line represented by the equation y=2.5x+3.5?


The expression (2y^5)^5 OVER 2y^6 equals cy^e where...

the coefficient c is ____ and the exponent e OF y is ____

Math measurements

A square pizza has an area of 64 square inches. What is the length of stuffed crust you will need to put around the pizza. Show your solution


Doubling of consonants

The word transfer is confusing me as far as the doubling of consonant before the suffix. “Fer” words have their own set of rules. The rules are clear except that I have NEVER in the US heard the... more


Linguistics and phonetics

What Maxim(s) are violated (flouted) in the following dialogues: Explain your answer and state the reason why the maxim(s) are flouted:1.              Teacher to a student who arrives... more


A) SELECTIONAL RESTRICTIONS: One semantic feature of the subject (in boldface) makes it incompatible with the selectional restrictions of the predicate. Indicate which one

 If you are only able to help me with one or two of these, then that would be greatAlso the table is messed up, sorry. Example Semantic feature #The Giraffe broke   #Boulders dripped all... more

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