Round final answer to the nearest tenth.

A baseball has a volume of 229.853 cm^3.Determine the diameter of the baseball.


How many of each kind of ticket were sold?

The mount Baker theater sold 950 tickets to the musical performance of mama Mia. a premier seat cost $69.50 and a value seat cost $30.50. In all $53,740 was taken in. How many of each kind of... more


F(x) + 7 =? I need help.

Let f(x) = 2x ^ 2 + 2 Express the following function values in terms of x.f(x)+ 7 =?


Algebra College Question

An executive in an engineering firm earns a monthly salary plus a Christmas bonus of 7100 dollars. if she earns total of 84900 dollars per year, what is her monthly salary in dollars?


I need to know how to calculate these questions.

Sondra is offered a choice as to how her wage will be calculated.Option A: A base payment of $250 per week plus 8% commission on sales.Option B: A base payment of $100 per week plus 12% commission... more


I need help with this please

The population of a city is modeled by the equation P(t) = 278,395e0.25t where t is measured in years. If the city continues to grow at this rate, in approximately how many years will it take for... more


Im stuck on this qustion can anyone help

For a science project, Billy observed a chipmunk and a squirrel stashing acorns in trees. The chipmunk hid 3 acorns in each tree. The squirrel hid 4 acorns in each tree. They each hid the same... more


I don’t understand this topic. Can anyone help me?

There are 100 students surveyed and asked which of the following subjects they took this semester: Mathematics, English, or Biology35 responded English50 responded Mathematics 29 responded... more

The pressure is so overwhelming please help me immediately I need help with my math homework

Identify a possible explicit rule for the nth term of the sequence 5, 3, 1, −1, −3, ….A.) an = 2n + 3B.) an = n + 4C.) an = 7 − 2nD.) an = 2n + 1please solve and explain


Find the length of each side

A scalene triangle has 3 sides of different lengths. One of the sides is one less twice the shortest side. The longest side is five times the short side increased by six. The perimeter of the... more


Give a proportion using Geometry terms that is correct. For example, CIRCUMFERENCE is to CIRCLE as PERIMETER is to SQUARE.

(You cannot use this example as your answer.)

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