Translation in Spanish

Could someone please translate these phrases for me in Spanish!"My friends and I love to watch tv. I enjoy romantic and comedy tv shows. But my friends watch action tv shows the most. We also love... more


La chica ________estar feliz


Las personas que apoyan a los artistas y compran su música son __________.

Which one is the answer?A. los interpretesB. los compositoresC. los aficionadosD. los tempos


Para cualquier producción es necesario que los artistas __________ largas horas.

Which one is the answer?A. den vueltasB. mezclenC. ensayenD. raspen


Algunas __________ en el DMV son 101.1 y 107.9.

Which one is the answer?A. escenariosB. pistasC. emisorasD. sonidos


Es necesario usar __________ para escuchar bien la música.

Which one is the answer?A. la cinturaB. el altavozC. el DJD. bajar el volumen


Is lemon a traditional Latin flavor?


Can you help me with this fill in the blank?

Ayer fue un día muy especial. En la mañana mi mamá y yo fuimos (went) al centro comercial. Las tiendas___________1 (abrir) a las 10 de la mañana. Nosotras_____________2. (tomar) café y... more

Can someone please check if I got the answers to these Spanish extra credit problems correct?

Extra Credit:Based on the conversation, type on the line the correct idiomatic expression from the ones you have learned.My answers are in bold and underlined.1. --Quiero por fin llegar temprano... more

Are my answers to these Spanish questions correct?

Subject: Uses of Ser and EstarInstructions: For each sentence, choose the correct verbs in parentheses. (My choices are in bold.)1-2. Mi madre (es, está) de México. Ahora (es, está) en... more

Explain the factors to be taken into account in responding to questions from an audience.

Understand the principles underpinning the delivery of presentations

What are some of the intervening, extraneous, and moderating variables that the study attempted to control with its 10-nation design? 

In periods of economic downturn, government leaders try to stimulate entrepreneurship activity. Project directors of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, partnered with the Kauffman Center for... more

why pension plans mostly not appreciated benefits?

Interestingly, according to the research study, pension plans are considered as a very important benefit by every generation, but they’re not among the top ten most appreciated benefits.

Responsibilities as a Junior Information Security Analyst?

Tomorrow will be my first day as a new Junior Information Security Analyst, and I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I want to apologize if this is the wrong place to ask such questions, but... more

Dealing with a slow growth curve in improving automation skills and how that affects ones' career?

I have been working as a QA since almost ~5 years now. While I am one of the senior QA in my team, and have brought in other quality aspects to the table, my automation skills are still "beginner".... more

Freelance security work?

What types of jobs within IT security lend themselves best to freelancing or working remotely, as opposed to being a standard office job?

How to move from test automation to devops?

I have a background as a developer, but have been working on test automation here in the UK for the last years. I work a lot with Java, Webdriver and Jenkins/continuous deivery - but I am very... more

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