is this a sample or a population?

The data in the table below (and continued on the following page) show the 46 counties of South Carolina, and the number of cumulative COVID-19 cases reported by each county from the... more

Is it too late to change my major after my junior year in college?

I'm a college student and just finished my junior year. I have a passion for animals so much, but I'm majoring in Drawing & Illustration and minoring in Psychology. I love art and understand... more

Find probability with random variable

Assume the random variable x is normally distributed with mean μ=82 and standard deviation σ=4. Find the indicated probability.​P(71<x<74​)



Suppose that using a particular method, there is a probability of 0.85 that a solder joint has abarrel shape, there is a probability of 0.03 that a solder joint has a cylinder shape, and there isa... more


Probability question

A particular fruit's weights are normally distributed, with a mean of 556 grams and a standard deviation of 33 grams.The heaviest 3% of fruits weigh more than how many grams?Give your answer to the... more


Can dplyr join on multiple columns or composite key?

I realize that `dplyr` v3.0 allows you to join on different variables:`left_join(x, y, by = c("a" = "b")` will match `x.a` to `y.b`However, is it possible to join on a combination of variables or... more

How to combine multiple data sources?

I have two data sets. Data set A: data about lifestyles, health conditions and SOCIOECONOMIC and Data set B: data about travel behavior and also SOCIOECONOMIC. We don't know whether they are the... more

How to predict a missing score ?

Assume you have the scores of the first, second, and final exam for a group of students. Suppose a student miss the first and/or second exam. What are the most appropriate statistics approaches... more

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