How can I graph this? {Parabolas} y=2x^{2}+3x-3

I never learned how to graph standard form only vertex.


Find an equation of the line that passes through (-1,-5) And (2,6)

Hello Guys i really need help with this question can someone submit a response ASP

Hi I really need help. Plz do all the problem

g(a)=a2-3a h(a)=3a-1 Find g(h(a))2.g(t)=-tFind g(g(t))3.g(x)=3x+3 f(x)=x3-3x2 Find g(f(x))


Solving a word problem using a system of linear equations

A store is having a sale on jelly beans and trail mix. For 2 pds. of jelly beans and 5 pds of trail mix, the total cost is $10. For 8 passengers. of jelly beans and 3pds of trail mix the total cost... more


determine the slope and y intercept from the table below

x | -2 | 4 | 16 |y | 3 | 6 | 12 |


The greater of two numbers is 8 more than 5 times the smaller. Their sum is 68. Find the numbers.

I really need help on this aspa so please hurry if you can


Algebra One Problem

Bella has a stack of 41 bills (ones, fives, and tens) in an envelope. She has 3 less tens than fives and the quantity of ones doubles the number of fives. Write and solve an equation to determine... more

How to find the equation that expresses the total cost in terms of the number of hours?

Aaron's World Processing Service (AWPS) does world processing. The rate for services is $32 per hour plus a $31.50 one-time charge. The total cost to a customer depends on the number of hours it... more

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