Statins are used to keep cholesterol in check and are a top-selling drug in the U.S.

The equation: S − 1.8 x = 4.7 gives the amount of sales ( S ) of statin in billions of dollars x years after 1998 According to this equation, how much will/did people in the U.S. spend on... more

Find the value of X



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To start an avalanche on a mountain slope, an artillery shell is fired with an initial velocity of 310 m/s at 58.0° above the horizontal. It explodes on the mountainside 41.0 s after firing. What... more

How much work is done in this scenario?

How much work is done - in foot-pounds - lifting a 15 pound object from the ground to the top of a 45 foot building if the cable used weighs 2.5 pounds per foot?

Find the work done

A bucket full of sand has a mass of 25 kg (including the bucket and the sand). The bucket is to be lifted to the top of a building 20 meters tall by a rope of negligible weight. However, the bucket... more


Algebra 1 Functions


I need help solving a fraction that has a denominator that is a square root.

I need help figuring this out: 1/√12x^10

Tell whether the statements are always, sometimes, or never true. Explain.

The LCD of two rational functions is the sum of the denominators. The LCD of two rational functions is equal to one of the denominators.


the maximum and minimum points

f (x)= 4x2+12x-7f' (x) = 8x + 12 =08x = -12 / -8x = -3/2f" (x) = 8how do i find the maximum and minimum points?


Find the direction of vector v=3i−1j+4k

How do I go about doing this and what is the answer?


Find the angle between u=⟨−4,4⟩ and v=⟨3–√,1⟩.

How do I go about doing this and what is the answer?


Graph the exponential function by creating a table of values.

f(x) = 4 *(1/2)x

Evaluate the sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent of t=0

sin0= ?cos0= ?tan0= ?csc0= ?sec0= ?cot0= ?

500 racoons were caught. Please provide a good explanation for this problem

1.500 racoons were caught. They were released after beingvaccinated against rabies. To estimate the raccoon population in the area,40 were caught during the summer, and only 15 had tags. Estimate... more


Precalucls mathematics


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