needing good explanation on what to do. HELP NEEDED ( i don't understand )

What quadrant is the point (-9, 2) located?


algebra 1 question

Give the equation of this line 


algebra 1 question

Find the x- and y-intercepts and then graph the equation          3x + 5y =15  Identify the points corresponding to the intercepts:


please help! Algebra 1

The table shows the height, in centimeters, of the water in a swimming pool at different times since the pool started to be filled.Does the height of the water increase by the same amount each... more


what is the image

the given point is reflected across the line indicated. find the coordinate of the image U across x = 2. u across x = 2


Suppose P is between M and N. If PM=3x−17 , and PN=3(2x+6) and MN=4x+6, what is the value of x?

Suppose P is between M and N. If  , and  and , what is the value of x?.


select all true statements:

Given:f(x)=x2g(x)=3x-8h(x)=7x+3Answer choices:f(f(x))=2x2h(g(x))=21x-56f(g(x))=9x2-48x+64g(h(x))=21x+1f(g(h(x)))=21x2+1


slope is 2 and 4 3 is on the line

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