Write the equation of the line with x-intercept of -4 and y-intercept of 2. Hint:With those intercepts, (-4,0) and (0,2) are points on the line.

Write the equation of the line with x-intercept of -4 and y-intercept of 2. Hint:With those intercepts, (-4,0) and (0,2) are points on the line.

force in newtons on the window

The zoo is building a new polar bear exhibit, and wants to put a semi-circular window in the concrete wall of the swimming tank. (Note: picture is not to scale)If the semi-circle has diameter 70... more

Calculate the width for a parking lot that will surround a building based on customer specifications.

The building that measures 90 m by 60 m is to be built on the lot and a paved parking lot of uniform width will surround the building. The paved lot is to have an area of 9000 m^2.a) How wide is... more

Value determining for cuboid

A manufacturer wishes to make a container in the form of a closed box with thin sheet metal. The box is in the shape of a cuboid with a rectangular base whose length is twice the width of x metres... more

Math word problem

A solution of 60% fertilizer is to be mixed with a solution of 21% fertilizer to form 234 liters of a 43% solution. How many liters of the 60% solution must be used?

Math word problem

Yellows vary inversely as reds cubed. When there are 16 yellows, there are 4 reds. How many yellows are present when there are 8 reds?

Write the equation for each sine function

Word math problem

The amount of oil used by a ship traveling at a uniform speed varies jointly with the distance and the square of the speed. If the ship uses 250 barrels of oil in traveling 500 miles at 48 mph,... more

hw 7 question 10

Which function satisfies the equation below? (c is an arbitrary constant.)dR/dt= (0.2)R R = c(0.1)t2 R = c(0.2)t  R = cet R = c(0.1)R2 R = ce(0.2)t

Precalculus homework

Find a possible formula for the trigonometric function whose values are in the following table.x 0 4 8 12 16 20 24y 3 -1 -5 -1 3 -1 -5'y=

Find the value of the definite integral if you know that...

13.5 8.5 13.5 11 ∫ f(x)dx = 2 ∫ f(x)dx = 8 ∫ f(x)dx = 8 ∫ f(x)dx = -146 6 ... more


Find the area of the surface obtained by rotating the curve y=1+6x^2 from 𝑥=0 to x=4 about the y-axis. 

question number one

Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve y = 4e-5x at the point (0, 4).

How do I find the horizontal stretch or period of a sinusoidal function if I'm only given the radians per second?

"A Ferris wheel of diameter 16 m rotates at a rate of 0.4 rad/s and is lifted 2m off the ground. If a platform is made so passengers can board at the centre height of the ferris wheel as it goes... more

Find the divergence of the vector field F

Find the divergence of the vector field F= (-yz, xe^y,e^x + z²) using the definition div F V F. Show all steps in finding this dot product, do not use a shortcut formula.

Please help. Calculus question.

. If a is a Quadrant IV angle with cos(a)=√5/5 and sin(ß)=√10/10 where pi/2 ‹ß‹pi, finda. cos(a+B)b. sin(a+B)c. Tan(a+B)

Through (0,2) and (1,-3)

What would this look like?I got -5 I'm not sure if this is right?


Find the area of the region between the curves:y=xy= root index 3 square root of x

Find   sin(u/2) if sin u = 0.231 and u is in Quadrant-II.

if   sinu=0.231   and u is in Quadrant-II.answer 4 decimal places.

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