Cat- and dog-lovers in Modern Greek

Hello, Today's word at wordsmith.org is **ailurophile**: >MEANING: >noun: One who loves cats. >ETYMOLOGY: >From Greek ailuro- (cat) + -phile (lover). More common, of... more


Please help with understanding 'έστω'

I know vaguely what it means, somehow 'even' or 'at least' but I would appreciate some examples of different usages of the word, so that I can start using it by myself. Also when do I use έστω... more


Basic verb question

The sentence in question: Αύριο μπορεί να πάω σινεμά. I would expect to see either "μπορώ να πάω" (I can go) or "μπορεί να πάει" (he can go), where in both instances the verbs agree in person... more


what gem did Pluto not have control of Greek mythology

Greek mythology Pluto did not have control of what gem

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