Is a comma necessary here?

Is a comma needed in the following sentence after "and" and before "valuing a campaign"? I'm not sure because while the two clauses in question are dependent, I do use the word "and" again after... more

Is a comma optional here?

Is a comma before "which" in the following bolded sentence optional? Could it be reworded for clarity? I don't think exaggerated political films are harmful to the democratic process. If anything,... more


Need help with the 2 questions below

Rewrite the following sentence to correct problems with colons and semi colons.1. Alex made resolutions to: listen better, be on time and do all his assigned tasks in a timely manner.2. When in... more

What imagery is used in Act I, Scene 5 by Lady Macbeth to symbolize keeping her thoughts and feelings secret?

A. smoke and the darkness of nightB. a shining knife


How do I start a research essay/paper?

I need to write a research paper but it feels overwhelming and I'm not sure where to start.


Find the concentration of tin(II) chloride

ProblemWhat is the concentration of a tin(ll) chloride solution prepared from a sample of tin ore?Experimental DesignThe potassium dichromate solution is first standardized by titration with... more

Question about Poetry

The poem, The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock was written:a. as a sonnetb. in stream of consciousnessc. in a fixed form d. in a series of epithets

What's the best way to reword/phrase the bolded part of the sentence for clarity?

I understand there were places where I could've worded or argued this better or included better evidence, but I just wanted to ask about my thesis specifically since it led to most of the other... more

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