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In two or more complete sentences, explain how to find the time it takes for a rocket following the path of the parametric equations, x = 3t ^2 and y = -9t + 18, to hit the ground.

doesn't need to be grammatically correct just mathematically needs to be answered fully and show most of the major steps in the solving process


I need this for my homework plz

The velocity of a satellite orbiting Earth is related to the distance the satellite is from the center of the Earth by the function V=(sqrt)3.99•10^14/r, where v is the velocity in meters per... more


Please choose the write answer

Calculate the percent ionization of weak acid ina 0.0010 M solution Ka= 9.2*10^-7a)0.959b)0.303c)3.03d)30.3


Magnesium metal (0.100 mol) and a volume...

Magnesium metal (0.100 mol) and a volume of aqueous hydrochloric acid that contains 0.500 mol of HCL are combined and react to completion. How many litres of hydrogen gas, measured at STP are... more

How many mL of 1 M HNO3 are needed to neutralize 500 mL of 2.0 M Ca(OH)2?



Acid Base PH, POH

A shampoo has a pH of 8.39. What is the [H3O^+] in the shampoo?What is the [OH^−] in the shampoo?

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