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Can you help please asap!!

A rocket is launched from a tower. The height of the rocket, y in feet, is related to the time after launch, x in seconds, by the given equation. Using this equation, find out the time at which the... more


Algebra 2 i dont understand this

A new community sports complex is being built in oak valley. The perimeter of the rectangular playing field is 264 yards. The length of the field is 9 yards less than double the width. What... more


x(t)=8√t and y(t)=6t+7

what does y(x)=?Given the parametric equations below, eliminate the parameter t to obtain an equation for y as a function of x


Please help me find the equations to solve this!

An animal shelter spends $5.50 per day to care for each cat and $8.00 per day to care for each dog. Angel noticed that the shelter spent $54.00 caring for cats and dogs on Monday. Angel found a... more


After 3 days a sample of radon-222 has decayed to 58% of its original amount.

How long will it take the sample to decay to 30% of its original amount? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)\using the radioactive decay modelthanks for the help!!

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