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algebra question

A truck that can carry no more than 7500lb is being used to transport refrigerators and upright pianos. Each refrigerator weighs 300lb and each piano weighs 475lb. Write and graph an inequality to... more


car math!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You buy a used car for $15,000. Assuming it depreciates at a rate of 8% per year, what will it be worth 8 years from now? What was it worth 4 years ago?

Find the slope of the line y=-7x+10


Arrange these elements according to electron affinity.

from most energy released to most energy absorbedFMgS


100mm^2 how many cm^2 ?


Arrange these elements according to first ionization energy.

highest to lowest ionization energy LiNBeCBFONe


Arrange these ions according to ionic radius.

largest to smallest radiusK+P3-Ca2+S2-Cl-


Finding domain and range

I am trying to find the domain and range of the function f(x)=2/3+x


How do I figure this out

Some friends drove 513 miles in one day. It took them 9 hours. How many miles-per-hour did they drive?

Solve the system of equations by substitution if possible

y = 7x - 219x - y = 29


how do i do this?

Lena’s guest house is 15 m long and 12 m wide. How long is the diagonal of the house?


Physics problem need help

A solid, uncharged conducting sphere of radius 3a contains a hollowed spherical region of radius a. A point charge +Q is placed at the common center of the spheres. Taking V = 0 as r approaches... more

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