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pre calc question

Find the value of r for this series. 3/4 + 1/4 + 1/12 + 1/36 + 1/108 + . . .1. 1/42. 1/33. 3/44. 3/4


Let f(x) = 12x^9 + x. Find f(3) + f(-3)

Interpret the initial value problem

Interpret the initial value problem d2θ/dt2+ß2θ=0, θ(0)=θ0 , dθ/dt]t=0=ω0for any physical situation and hence solve the problem.


I have this question for college trigonometry and I need trignometry

A piñata weighing 12 lbs is hanging on a rope, suspended between two trees. The rope forms an angle of depression of 31° for the tree on the left and 46° degrees for the tree on the right.... more


Fast exponentiation algorithm to evaluate 3^(2^(n))

Carry out the fast exponentiation algorithm to evaluate 3^(2^(n)) mod 13 for n = 0, 1 and 2. These three values suffice to derive a formula for 3^(2^(n)) mod 13 for all non-negative integers n.... more


Phyton Function Graph

Write a program that graphs a function of your choosing. Then select a point on that graph at which you want to estimate the derivative. The user can then choose a nearby point. The program will... more


im stumped on this one

A  lab is currently in possession of 980 grams Curium-243, which has a half-life of 29.1 years. Assuming they leave the material alone, how many grams of Cm-243 will they have in the year 2170 to... more

How is "i" computed in the following problem?

Calculate the compound interest rate. Compound interest is calculated based on the change in the cost index over the 4-yr period:  PV=FV(1+i)4362=3684(1+i)^44362/3684=(1+i)^41.18404=(1+i)^4i=4.31%


Energy In Simple Harmonic Motion question

A 0.250 kg mass is attached to a spring with k=18.9 N/m. At the equilibrium position, it moves 2.89 m/s. What is the amplitude of the oscillation?


Math Programming Multiplication Table

I need to write a program where the user can specify both the number and up to which multiple. For example, I want the first 15 multiples of 9..etc. I also have to use the is_integer() method to... more


what does g(x) =

Let the graph of  g be a horizontal shrink by a factor of 4, followed by a translation 2 units up of the graph of f(x)=x^3-6x-1 Write a rule for g.

How do you find the value of a score with this given information?

A population of N=8 scores has a mean of μ=16. After one is removed from the population, the new mean is found to be μ=15. What is the value of the score that was removed? (Hint: Compare the values... more


Probability for Normal Distributions

Suppose that lifetimes for a particular car battery are normally distributed with a mean of 148 weeks and a standard deviation of 8 weeks.a. If the company guarantees its battery for 3 years, what... more


Probability for Normal Distribution

Suppose that motorists in the southeastern United States use a mean of 8.20 gallons of gasoline per week with a standard deviation of 0.47 gallons. Assume that gasoline consumption levels are... more


What is the total number of ways for 5 people to occupy 4 rooms

What is the total number of ways for 5 people to occupy 4 rooms where one of the rooms is occupied by two people and each of the remaining 3 rooms by one person? Please write down intermediate steps.

Matrix Problem Questions

The following list describes the flight routes between the cities:H is connected to T, HX, and MN.T is connected H, SJ, HX, MN, and ML.ML is connected to T, SJ, HX, and MN.SJ is connected to T, and... more

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