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*Quadratic Word Problems (Profit/Gravity) please help *

A rocket is launched from a tower. The height of the rocket, y in feet, is related to the time after launch, x in seconds, by the given equation. Using this equation, find the maximum height... more


Find by implicit differentiation: sinx+2cos(6y)=4

I got cosx/12sin(6y) but a website says it's cos(x)csc(6y)12 Which one is it? How do I get the second answer if it's that one?


when is the concentration greatest

The following exercise presents a problem similar to exercises from the previous sections of this chapter. Use Newton's Method to approximate the solution.The concentration C of a chemical in the... more

I need help on this math question!!

Lynn Matthews wants to swim 1km in a 50-m-long pool. How many pool lengths must she swim?show work please thank you!!!!


Classwork need help

An animal shelter spends $1.50 per day to care for each bird and $8.50 per day to care for each cat. Alexander noticed that the shelter spent $108.00 caring for birds and cats on Tuesday. Alexander... more

CRAUDQL3 6.1.022.

An auto dealer’s sales numbers are shown in the table below. Find for each month the mean, median, and mode prices of the cars she sold. Round your answers to the nearest dollar.Price. ... more


Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves. y = 2/x, y = 8x, y = 1/8x, x > 0

Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves.y= 2/x, y=8x, y=1/8x, x>0

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