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What is the answer to this?

Carlos has a board that is 44 cm long. He wishes to cut it into two pieces so that one piece is 6 m longer than the other. How long should the shorter piece be?  


A carton of eggs contains 12 eggs. Each carton of eggs costs $1.89. A function, f(x), written to represent the cost of purchasing x cartons of eggs. What is the practical domain for the function f(x)?

all real numbers all whole numbers all whole numbers that are multiples of 3 mall positive integers


Algebra - Word Problems

A phone company offers two monthly charge plans. In Plan A, the customer pays a monthly fee of $20 and then an additional 8 cents per minute of use. In Plan B, the customer pays a monthly fee of... more


word problem geometry

The listening area for a radio station extends 72 miles in every direction from its signal tower. What is the size of the stations listening area?

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