Convert g to mg: Molar mass

Suppose it takes 33.69 mL of 0.005123 M EDTA to titrate 25.00 mL of a hard water solution. e) Convert g CaCO3/L calculated in (d) to mg CaCO3/L. (This is equivalent to ppm.)Enter your answer as a... more


Calculate the equilibrium concentration of NO(g).

Consider the following equilibrium with Kc = 1.6 × 10–5:  2NOCl(g)  2NO(g) + Cl2(g) 2.00 mole of pure NOCl and 1.808 mole of pure Cl2 are placed in a 2.00-L container. {Remember: you will need to... more


A reaction mixture contains 0.22 M CH4, 0.67 M CO2 and 1.3 M H2O. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning this system?

Consider the following reaction and its equilibrium constant: 4 CuO(s) + CH4(g) ⇌ CO2(g) + 4 Cu(s) + 2 H2O(g) Kc = 1.10A. The reaction quotient will increase.B. The equilibrium constant will... more


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Consider the equation.2C2H2+5O2⟶4CO2+2H2OHow many grams of oxygen must be supplied to completely burn  g of acetylene according to the balanced combustion reaction?


calculate the volume gas in litre of 2.57 mole have a pressure of 1.86 atm at a temperature of -12

calculate the volume gas in litre of 2.57 mole have a pressure of 1.86 atm at a temperature of -12


Calculate the concentrations of [H₃O⁺] and [OH⁻] in the following solutions

4.5 mol/l HCl (strong acid)1.6 mol/l H₂SO₄ (strong, only lose the first proton)0.32 mol/l X(OH)₂ (strong base)0.012 mol/l X(OH)₂ (strong base)


Chemistry Class

Find the equilibrium constant, Kc, for the equation from the last problem: C12H26 (g) + O2 (g) ⇌ H2O (g) + CO2 (g) [C12H26] = 1.8 x 103 M [O2] = 8.6 x 103 M [H2O] = 1.1 x 103 M [CO2] = 1.1 x 103 M

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S   + 6 HNO3 --> H2SO4 + 6 NO2 + 2 H2OIn the above equation how many moles of water can be made when 110.4 grams of HNO3 are consumed?Round your answer to the nearest tenth. If you answer is a... more


A specific compound has a molar mass of 14 G/MOL if I have 84G of this compound how many moles of this compound is that

A specific compound has a molar mass of 14 G/MOL if I have 84G of this compound how many moles of this compound is that


chemistry question 3

An aqueous solution has [H3O+]=1.5x10^-12 Ma)determine [OH-] in Mb)determine the pHc)explain if it is acidic, basic or neutralplease show work to help me :)


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The reaction being observed is:HCl + NH3 --> NH4ClIf the Backyard Scientist added 5.9 grams of hydrochloric acid to excess ammonia and recovered 6.5 grams of NH4Cl, what was is the theoretical... more



2.     Consider the following heterogeneous equilibrium.        CaCO3 (s)                  CaO (s) + CO2 (g)                  At 800  the pressure of CO2 in 0.23 atm, calculate (a) Kp... more


In a solution with a [OH] of 1.5 x 10-4 M, what is the [H3O+]?

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calculate the concentration of the hydrogen ion/hydroxide ion inthe samples below by its pOH level. Identify if the solution is acidic, basic, or neutral.1. Calculate the hydroxideion concentration... more


general chemistry chapter 5

What NaCl concentration results when 249ml of a 0.740m NaCl solution is mixed with 427 ml of a 0.380m NaCl solution?


determine the empirical formula of an imaginary hydrate.

A student wishes to determine the empirical formula of an imaginary hydrate. The following data is obtained- mass of empty crucible - 23.567g mass of crucible with hydrate before heating-... more

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Which aqueous solution of the following substances does not conduct an electric current?A. potassium hydroxideB. hydrogen bromide   C.  cesium iodideD. glucose, C6H12O6

please answer this solutions problem in honors chemistry

In some cases, the force of the attraction between the ions is so strong that it cannot be overcome by the interaction of the ions with the water molecules.A. trueB. false   


Chemistry pH calculations

What is the pH of a solution with a [H+] of 2.3 x 10^-8M?

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