Help with algebra question

How do you Convert 60° to radians


Prove the identity

sin(pi/3 +x) - sin(pi/3 -x) = sin x


Graphing Polynomial Functions

Describe in words how the end behavior of a graph looks.


Finding the total space of a square using small 5" squares inside

I have 501 5 inch squares that I need to put together into one big square. What would be the approximate size in feet of the final square?


Greg places a bag of groceries on a table that is sloped at an angle of 15° to the horizontal. The box has a mass of 10 kg.

a. If there is no friction, what is the acceleration of the bag down the incline? (5 points)b. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the bag and the table is 0.18, what is the... more


Jupiter has a mass of 1.9 × 1027 kg, and its moon Io has a mass of 8.9 × 1022 kg. Their centers are separated by a distance of 421,700 km

a. What is the force of gravity acting on Io? b. What is the acceleration of Jupiter due to the force of gravity between it and Io? c. Io has a radius of 1821 km. What is the acceleration of... more

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