What is the mathematical concept for describing how close a prediction is to an actual value?

So, right now I'm working with models and stuff. So, I wanted to see how close the values of my models are to the actual values of the data set, but I don't know the exact mathematical wording of... more


Related Rates: Trough

A trough is 9 feet long, and its cross section is in the shape of an isosceles right triangle with hypotenuse 2 feet, as shown above. Water begins flowing into the empty trough at the rate of 2... more

Why does Kr have larger radius than Ar when Kr has a larger effective nuclear charge?

Looking at the atomic radius trend of the periodic table, Kr has a larger radius than Ar. But my textbook claims that Kr has a larger effective nuclear charge than Ar for n=3. Wouldn't that mean Kr... more


The volume of a pyramid varies jointly as the height and the area of the base.

If a pyramid has the measurements  cubic yards,  yards and  yards, and  yards, what is the volume of a pyramid that has a length of  yards, width of  yards, and height of  yards. Round your answer... more


It is a game you are playing with toss a coin and roll a die. In each game, you pay $2. If the coin shows a tail and die shows at least a five, you win $10..

If you played this game 50 times, how much would you expect to win /loose? (Please write amount)and what is the expected value ?

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