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Use AB←→ and CD←→ to answer the question. AB←→ contains the points A(2,1) and B(3,4). CD←→ contains the points C(−2,−1) and D(1,−2). Is AB←→ perpendicular to CD←→? Why or why not?

its a geometry equation and frankly i dont understand a thing about geometry so if someone could pls explain how they got the answer that would be great


reduced fraction

A box contains 30 striped or solid paper clips: 8 are red, 3 are green, 5 are blue, 7 are blue and red, 3 are black, and 4 are white. One paper clip is chosen. A paper clip is black or white.


What is the slope intercept form of the equation?

Y=-3/4x and passes through (4,-1)

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