What do you emphasize most in your class?

LISTENING! Listening is an art. T;he art of listening is both a language skill and a life skill. Listening aids understanding. Understanding promotes love. Love supports PEACE.

Listening understanding problems when something is said "out-of-context"?

I have studied in UK since I was 15. I have now been here for around 8 years. I have never noticed that I have any issues with language until I started working full-time. I am very used to academic... more

Polite/professional alternative to 'It turns out'?

I have been tasked with coming up with a nicer phrase to use than 'It turns out'. It is to be used in situations like this one: > - 'It turns out' that we cannot... - 'It turns out' that we... more

What one should reply to - "Can I talk to Jeremy?"?

> **Situation** I receive a call caller asked me;" Can I talk to Jeremy?" What is correct reply and What should I respond to this situation with. > 1. *he has gone for lunch.* > 2. *he... more

What is the appropriate phrase to say if two people are on the same track?

I am sharing my understanding regarding a particular matter with a colleague just to make sure that both of we have same understanding. This is just to avoid any conflict or confusion among us.... more

Is this worded correctly if it was spoken in an interview?

I am like a clean slate. I do not have any preconceived notions about how the company runs

What's the difference between will and going to?

I have no idea what the difference between these are. I have heard that they have the same meaning, but how do they?

Should the abbreviation 'i.e.' be used in speech?

I often hear people use the abbreviation 'i.e.' while speaking. It does not seem right to me. Similarly with 'e.g.' — I would always say 'for example' rather than 'e.g.'. So is it appropriate to... more


How to write this kind of sentence for a distinguished lecture series?

I work in a Chinese university and recently our department has decided to start a Distinguished Lecture Series in Physics. We want to give the invited speaker some kind of document showing that,... more

Problem in formulating question?

Consider this scenario..*.Sam ate 4 cookies*. Now if someone asks Sam *How many you had*, then Sam will reply 4. But how should the question be formed so that the answer Sam gives will be 4th... more

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