What is the total money paid by a year membership will be

To join a sports club, every new member pays an initial amount in addition to the monthly charges. The formula for total cost of the membership is F(c)=100+5a, where C  is the total cost of the... more


price for each item

Joseph bought a jacket and a tactical flashlight if the total before tax was 45.97 and the difference was 24.01, find the price of each item?

Seven less than triple a number is equal to twenty three. Find the number.

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sale applications

In certain deep parts of oceans, the pressure of sea water, P, in pounds per square foot, at a depth of d feet below the surface, is given by the following equation P=14+49d. Use this equation to... more

Considering general relativity and the rule that NOTHING can travel faster than light due to time stopping, is “time stopping” relative as well?

Light travels incredibly fast, and it’s the fastest. If I shot an electron near that speed, it gets progressively heavier the closer to the speed of light it gets. Time also slows in response to... more


Name 3 consecutive integers that are negative


What is the problem with using pulse for time and what is the difference between pulse and a watch?

1) One of the timing devices Galileo used was his pulse. Drop a rubber ball from a height of about 2 m and to try to determine how many pulse beats elapsed before it hits the ground. What was the... more


I need help with a algebra problem

George rides a cab three days a week. He pays $3.50 for the cab to pick him up. He pays an additional fee for each mile driven. In one week, George paid 35.25. If he rides 11 miles each day, how... more


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