Long Quote References

How do you include a long passage in a research paper?

Why was shakespeare important for the world?

I am doing a presentation in school where we got to choose a person who we think is or was important for the world and then we have to explain why so I would like to ask why he is important and... more

Horror Writing Movie

I am writing a horror movie about a girl who ends up in the woods. In the woods, there is an old abandoned town and she must face many scary demons etc. But, WHY would she run into the woods in the... more

Which of these sources is right about "The Tempest"?

This is part of a quote by Ferdinand in the beginning of scene 1 of act 3 of "The Tempest":>But these sweet thoughts do even refresh my labours, Most busy, least when I do it.According to... more

What are the "mind-forged manacles"?

From "London", a short poem in William Blake's *Songs of Experience* collection ([free to read online](http://www.gutenberg.org/files/1934/1934-h/1934-h.htm)):> In every cry of every man, In... more

Do any of J. D. Salinger's short stories share locations or characters?

J. D. Salinger is a well-known 20th century author, most notably of _Catcher in the Rye_.He was fairly prolific, writing many stories. Do any of these stories share the same universe?

What is an accessible book about plant evolution for a non-biologist?

I have an acquaintance interested in learning about the evolution history of plants. This person has a wide knowledge on botanics, from personal reading and taking care of plants, but E is neither... more

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