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I can anyone help me understanding this problem

Let F and G be sequences which satisfy the joint recursion:𝐹𝑛+1 = 𝑎𝐹𝑛 + 𝑏𝐺𝑛𝐺𝑛+1 = 𝑐𝐹𝑛 + 𝑑𝐺𝑛Where a, b, c, and d are non-zero constants. Find recursions for F and G individually.


Force and velocity of a fly in a spider web

A small 5 g fly is buzzing along and hits a spider web. The spider web catches the fly and proceeds to oscillate with a time period of 0.09 s and an initial amplitude of 1.9 cm.a) with what... more


Grammar Question

which makes grammatical sense? Or do both?Loyalty out values everythingLoyalty outvalues everything

Show that the composition of two linear maps is linear.

Let T ∈ Linear map: U → V.Let S ∈ Linear map: V → W.Show that the composition ST: U → W is linear.

Why is it important to write in the accent marks on specific Spanish words?

Many students don't bother putting in accent marks. English doesn't have them, so why are they needed in Spanish? Can you give two or three important reasons for the use of accent marks in... more


How to do this problem?

A sand storage tank used by the highway department for winter storms is leaking. As the sand leaks out, it forms a conical pile. The radius of the base of the pile increases at the rate of... more


Differentiate the following functions and simplify. (Might need to use logarithmic properties if necessary

PLEASE DO ALL 3 QUESTIONS1) f(x) = tan (ln(4x-9))2) f(x) = log5(x4√(2x2 + 9x))3) y = e(8x + π)^4 ln(2x-1)

Which rotation will carry a regular octagon onto itself?

A. 60 counterclockwise rotation B. 90 counterclockwise rotationC. 120 counterclockwise rotationD. 200 counterclockwise rotation


For Which Value of k does

For whic value of k does ;kx+y=1 x+ky=1Have one solution , no solution ,or infinitely many solution


Is "tu" and "usted" the same thing?

Many people struggle with the difference between "tu" or "usted". This is something people find hard to identify which apply to who.


Energy air resistance of a sky diver

An 85 kg skydiver is falling through the air at a constant speed of 195 km h-1. At what rate does air resistance remove energy from the skydiver?

Math Problem from Cambridge Olevel Past paper

How long did 9600cm3 of water take to enter to a tank through a pipe of radius 0.8cm if it flowed at a rate of 25cm per second?


Write an expression

subtract 3 from y, add the result to 5, then add 9 to what u have

What is the etymology of the pronoun "usted"? What formal pronouns existed before?

What is the etymology of the pronoun "usted"? What formal pronouns existed before, and when did the current "usted" come into existence?

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