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Tim has 74 socks all in pairs.He has 1 more pair of white socks than black socks.How many individual color socks does he have than other socks?

Math help! Algebra 1 and 2

A teacher gives a test for which the mean of the scores is 68 and the standard deviation is 15. The teacher decides to scale the test scores by adding 10 points to each score. What are the mean and... more

Algebra/probability 2 help please!

A card is drawn randomly from a standard 48-card pinochle deck. Find the probability of drawing the given card. (Note that a pinochle deck consists of all four suits. The cards 9, 10, jack, queen,... more


Given f(x)=x-1/x and g(x)=1/x, what is f(g(1/2))?

what is vf2 = vi 2 - 2a(xf-xi) formula name and how do you find xi?

Could it be step by step please

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