Can't figure this one out

A kiosk in the mall sells Easter baskets. The fixed costs of operating the kiosk (rent, insurance, etc.) are $8,000. Each basket costs the store $4.75 and sells for $11.00. (a) Rounding to the... more


Help with this long response physics problem

Students conduct an experiment to study the motion of two toy rockets. In the first experiment, rocket  X of mass  mR is launched vertically upward with an initial speed  v0 at time t=0. The rocket... more


Products and reactant

Balance the product and reactants___Cu+___AgNO3>___Ag+___CuN2O6


Calculate average force of the mud in stopping the person

A 58.5kg person falls 8.9m from a storage building and lands straight- legged in some mud. The person stops after sinking 0.4m into the mud. Calculate the average force of the mud in stopping the... more


Physics Velocity Question

A 1,500 kg car travelling at a velocity of 10m/s hits into a 2,250 kg truck that is at rest. Assume the bumpers lock together so that the collision is completely inelastic and that momentum is... more

The populations P (in thousands) of a particular county from 1971 through 2014 can be modeled by P = 79.9e0.0317t. Where t represents the year, with t = 1 corresponding to 1971.

a) Use the model to complete the table. (Round your answers to the nearest whole number.) Year Population 1980 1990 2000 2010 (b) According to the model, when... more


Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

I need help with these very complex algebra 2 problems. Thank you.f(x)= x4+21x2 -100


Photoelectric Effect

The experimental arrangement is used to determine the work function of the emitter plate metal. When voltage is increased to a certain value the two plates are reduced to zero.1)Explain why... more

Sammy is classifying quadrilateral EFGH. How can she use coordinate geometry to determine whether EFGH is a parallelogram?

Sammy is classifying quadrilateral EFGH. How can she use coordinate geometry to determine whether EFGH is a parallelogram?E(0, 4), F(0, 7), G(1, 5), H(1, 2) Sammy can use the distance formula to... more


physics question

Bill kicks a rock off the top of his apartment building. It strikes a window across the street 14 m away. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . If the window is 18 m below the position where... more


An object begins moving at x= 0 from rest in the positive x direction with constant acceleration. It travels D meters in T seconds. Its final speed is V meters per second.

What is the position x of the object at time t= 12 T? Express your answer in terms of D.(The answer is D/4 I just don't know how to get there)


Surface of the sun

At what altitude from the surface of the sun does space begin?


Trig question Please help!

Two sides and an angle are given below. Determine whether the given information results in one​ triangle, two​ triangles, or no triangle at all. Solve any​ triangle(s) that results. b=8 c=9 and... more

help w/ physics

Astronauts in low earth orbit on the ISS are orbiting at an altitude of about 109 km above the surface of the earth. it takes about 93 minutes for an astronaut to orbit the earth once at this... more


A ball of mass M attached to a string of length L moves in a vertical plane counterclockwise.At the top of the circular path, the tension in the string is twice the weight of the ball....

At the bottom, the ball just clears the ground. Air resistance is negligible. Express all answers in terms of M, L and g. (a) Determine the magnitude and direction of the net force on the ball... more

Problem Solving (Word Problem)

The number of hours of daylight on the summer solstice (the 172nd day of the year) is 15.3 and the number of hours of daylight on the winter solstice (the 355th day of the year) is 9.1. Complete... more


How can I solve this?

A certain translation is defined by the rule (x,y)>>> (x+a+b,y+2a-b). Under this translation, p(2,3) p’(6,14). Determine and state the values of a and b. Only algebraic solution will be... more

Radial and transverse acceleration

A point p describes a curve r= ae^(theta) with a constant angular velocityabout its pole Find the radial and transverse acceleration of point P


Physics conservation of momentum

11. A cannonball is originally at rest inside of a stationary cannon. The cannonball is then shot out with a momentum of 4000 kg*m/s to the right. What momentum does the cannon have after launching... more

Need help solving a Vector problem, a step by step solution would be great!

A jet is flying through a wind that is blowing with a speed of 55 mph in the direction of N 30°E. The jet has a speed of 765 mph in the direction of N 45°E.a. Find the true velocity of the jet as a... more

Vector Calculus

How do we evaluate the volume under the surface given by, z=2xsin(y) over the region bounded below by the curve y=x^2 and above by the line y=0 for 0<=x<=1


A line that cross

A line that crosses segment at right angles dividing the segment in half is called A. a traversalb. A bibivider c. An intersector d. A perpendicular bisector

Consider two vectors F~ 1 and F~ 2 with magnitude F1 = 52 N and F2 = 78 N and where θ1 = 263 ◦ and θ2 = 336 ◦

1.Consider two vectors F~ 1 and F~ 2 with magnitude F1 = 52 N and F2 = 78 N and where θ1 = 263 ◦ and θ2 = 336 ◦ . The angles are measured from the positive x axis with the counter-clockwise angular... more

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