How can I improve my chances of passing the AP music theory exam?

There are various components to the AP music theory exam which would be tough to navigate from home without a tutor or trusted advisor. There are steps that a student could take that would improve... more

Is publishing to Amazon Kindle-alternative eBook markets worth the time and effort?

I have published a few collection Kindle eBooks, and am planning on publishing at least 3 more in the not-too-distant future. While my experience with the Kindle marketplace has been mostly... more

How much time do i need to start seeing results?

It will depend on your abilities, and how developed they are. Some people will start seeing results from the first lesson and others more behind in music, probably in weeks if its a person who... more


Where does the tradition of bowing after a performance come from?

Why do we bow after a performance? Where does this tradition come from? For how long has performers been doing this?Maybe there is some sort of interesting anecdote about this.

Optimal harmonic audiation techniques?

I am trying to learn to audiate harmonies in order to be able to compose without instruments. I can already audiate melodies, but harmony is a real beast. (*Edit: To be clear, I can recognize... more

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