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Why isn't there a classical composer like Beethoven, Chopin or Mozart today?

Why there aren't composers writing in a classical style today? Why don't we hear of classical composers today like we do of Beethoven, Chopin or Mozart? My question may be strange, but I am... more

How can I stay informed of new art music?

As a composer, it's vitally important that I'm aware of what's happening in the contemporary music world. I find it very difficult to keep myself informed of a field that often flies below the... more

Is looking for chord after having the melody unusual?

Most people I encounter seem to have the opinion that **the** definitive way is to first have the chords and then "mess around" with the harmony notes until one founds a desirable succession of... more

Is the V chord still dominant if it is a major 7 chord?

Is the V chord still dominant if it is a major 7 chord?

What makes a Turkish March a Turkish March?

I can only find 2 pieces called Turkish March. There is the 5th movement of The Ruins of Athens by Beethoven. Then there is the infamous Rondo Alla Turka by Mozart. And when I search Turkish March... more

How to modulate from minor to parallel major?

I'm trying to find a good modulation from Dm to D. I know that I could use Dm-A7-D but it feels a bit to unsophisticated. I thought that I maybe could do something like Dm-X-C-X-Em-X-D where X is... more

Accompanying a RH melody (improv/comp)?

Are there any interesting rhythms/patterns for accompanying the melody (because I can play those by ear), such as breaking chords or etc. For doing piano covers of pop music, I am able to play the... more

Use of Music Theory in Composition?

I've been told by many people that music theory is not *normative*; it doesn't tell you what to write or do in music to create something beautiful that sounds good. I've been told that it's... more

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