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A) 2X996B) 2X997C)2996D) 2997Please explain step by step.


How much would it cost me to add 166.33 off carpet needed with the cost being 18.50 a sq yard

I need 166.33 square feet off carpet install in my house and the carpet cost 18.50 per square yard how much would I pay for just the carpet


Range of motion

If my chair reclines from a 90 degree angle to a 65 degree angle at 1/8 of an inch increments, how many possible positions does it have?

The Powell family and the Tanaka family each used their sprinklers last summer. The water output rate for the Powell family's sprinkler was 25L per hour

The water output rate for the Tanaka family's sprinkler was 20L per hour. The families used their sprinklers for a combined total of 35 hours, resulting in a total water output of 775L. How long... more

Maths olympiad, minimum possible number of points

Six players compete in a tournament. Each player plays exactly two games against every other player. In each game, the winning player earns 2 points and the losing player earns 0 points. If the... more

Divisibility, Maths Olympiad

A series of bus tickets are labelled using all the numbers from 00000 through 99999. A girl collected all the tickets whose numbers are divisible by 78 and a boy collected all the tickets whose... more


math word problem salary

You are offered a job that pays ​$50 comma 00050,000 during the first​ year, with an annual increase of 1010​% per year beginning in the second year. That​ is, beginning in year​ 2, your salary... more

Linear equation

The number of books in a class library is 17 more than 3 times the number of students in the class. If 5 students are absent, each student can borrow exactly 4 books from the library. Find the no.... more

Translating a sentence into a one step equation

46 is the difference of Helena’s age and 7


Kaitlin, John, and Miguel sent a total of 79

Kaitlin, John, and Miguel sent a total of 79 text messages over their cell phones during the weekend. Miguel sent 6 more messages than Kaitlin. John sent 3times as many messages as Miguel. How many... more


The distance from A to B is how many yards?

Jill ran around the track four times for a total of 1000 yards. The track distance from A to B isthe same as the distance from C to D. The distance from B to C is the same as the distance fromD to... more


What is the recipe cost for the whole eggs, bread, onions, milk and iodized salt?

Making meatloaf with yield : 50, 4 oz portions12 whole eggs = 2.49/dozen12 slices bread = 1.69/loaf (16 slices)4 oz onions = .69/pound1 quart 1% milk = 3.69/gallon1 oz iodized salt = 2.29/pound


building a rectangular garden

your neighbour is building a rectangular garden that has dimensions of 10 meters by 20 metres. there will be a walkway of uniform width on 2 adjacent sides of the garden. if the garden and walkway... more
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