dropping ה's in modern hebrew

So... how is it? is it even acceptable for someone to drop ה in your pronounciation e.g. להתראות would be pronounced like leitra'ot not lehitra'ot is it acceptable? is it like common?


Even in business settings, is it common to refer to women as בנות ?

I heard this from my prof, wanted to see what people here thought. He said that even in really professional settings, women would be referred to as בנות, which apparently has a slight connotation... more


Is there an ancient Hebrew and a modern Hebrew?


On sounds shared with Arabic

My native languages are Spanish and English. I studied Modern Standard Arabic in college, and biblical Hebrew in seminary (used basically Sephardi pronunciation). As I study Modern Hebrew, I... more


I need a word beginning with 'k'

I'm looking for a word to use as a dog's name. I raise guide dog puppies. With our organization all the puppies from a litter get banned with the same letter, our new one is from the K litter. So... more


Word for soldier?

What is the Hebrew Word for soldier? I’ve seen about six ways for in dictionaries, IDF websites, and biblical contexts, and I’m a bit confused. Thank you!


Questions about Hebrew

I have been studying modern Hebrew for about a month. Although my reading ability is still slow, I can read pretty well. I have some questions that I hope you can help with: \- When making... more


Best way to translate and understand יֹדְעֵ֖י

What is the most accurate (if there is one) meaning of יֹדְעֵ֖י? Is it an explicit reference to having information? Does it imply having had (past tense) experience with? Or perhaps implying... more


Trying to translate a welsh name into hebrew

Hiya, I'm trying to translate my friend's name into Hebrew, since we're both taking Hebrew classes. His name, translated from Welsh to English, means "Son of the Ocean," or "Son of the Wave," or... more


Question about song lyrics?

I was listening to סרט ערבי by tuna, and I saw he says "יאללה שימו ת'ידיים באויר". I understand that this means "Yalla, wave your hands in the air". But what does the 'ת mean? Is this common in... more


Help, whats the difference?

I'm super new to Hebrew, and I'm going thru the stages of finally being able to read the words with the nikud. I'm using this modern Hebrew book and on the very first examples this got me confused.... more


Can someone attempt to explain for me what’s going in with the pronunciation of words like תנועה?

So many israelis pronounce words like תנועה really uniquely and i can’t tell what’s going on exactly. The T sound seems silent but it also doesn’t just sound simply like “noo-ah”. It’s very... more


The hebrew used in Joshua 7:4

Ok, so in Joshua 7:4 it says this: NIV - **So about three thousand went up; but they were routed by the men of Ai,** In the original Hebrew text, it is: וַיַּעֲלוּ מִן-הָעָם שָׁמָּה,... more


אחת or אחד for "neutral" "one"?

I know the feminine forms of numbers are used when they do not determine or refer to a noun (that is, when counting, giving a phone, bus or street number, or telling the time). But I just watched... more


How would I properly write TetHeLamed?

Can someone kindly tell me how to write this correctly? It's the word that means: "to burn or flame; to conceal". I expected it to be written right to left as: טהל but found it written in the other... more


Is ירמיהו a common name in Israel?

It’s my Hebrew name but I don’t use it as an American. Would it be odd to use it when I’m living in Israel later this year? Is there a diminutive form?


"Ashkenazic" Translated into Modern Hebrew="אשכנזי"?

Masculine conjugation of the word "Askenazic" translated into modern Hebrew?

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