how to overcome social anxiety


Combine the sentences to make their structure complex and better it for academic writing.

* The government’s deal with the public transport company was not successful. * The government’s deal with the public transport company will cause delays in projects.* The government’s deal with... more


how do i write a good essay

What is the Secret to a Well-Written Paper?

Is there a time-tested, proven way to earn an A on almost any type of writing assignment given? What if there was a guide to keep you on task as you navigate the treacherous terrain of the evil... more

Explain how John Proctor in The Crucible play is (or is not) a romantic hero. Why ?

Can you please provide some evidence from the crucible ^^


how do you start an argumentative paragraph about why basketball is the best sport?

guidelines:1. Topic/Introductory sentence 2. Point/Argument 3. Proof(s) 4. Explanation(s) 5. Restate Point/Argument 6. Concluding sentence


is a cyclops a small creature with one eye

How can I write a polished final draft when I feel so pressed for time?

Feeling good about your final draft is important not only for your grade but also for your mental and physical well being. Being up all night the night before a deadline or being crammed inside a... more

why do i get a big hole in the center on the backs of paper-cranes

i am very fond of making origami paper cranes and ive noticed that the paper carnes i make sometimes have holes in the back of them. some times the holes are small and unnoticed and some times the... more


Junk food advertising has harmful effect on society

need to write an academic essay of 5 paragraph

Can anyone help me write a story using these words?

Magician;Woman;Wolf;Horse;Temple;Poison;Beer;Spear;Well (Water well).Thanks!

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