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Which one of the following journal-article titles most likely represents an applied research study? Select one:a. Measurement of reaction times to different colored lightsb. The influence of a food... more

Can decay, interference and displacement theory affect long-term memory?

If most of our personality is controlled by our long-term memories, can we forget those memories that control our personality, therefore forget most of our personality?


How to break down defense mechanisms

I am trying to find ways to break down defense mechanisms that someone builds up for so long.


How am I able to use my own body?

This may feel weird and maybe stupid to ask this question but I sometimes wonder this in my mind and makes me afraid a bit more and more when I start thinking more about it. I ask myself as to how... more


I need help answering this question

The video "What is History For?" argues that history matters because it provides solutions to the problems of the present. Recall the statement "Those who don't know history won't be able to... more


Lying/mental health

I have this friend that I asked how she did really well and says that she placed 3rd and when I challenged her about she really did place 3rd and she got defensive and when I finally asked her... more

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