What are things?


Given a set in Description below, answer the following questions.

Is A ⊆ B? Is B ⊆ A? Is either A or B a proper subset of the other?


Logic: Construct formal proofs for the following

1. A ⊃ (~B ⊃ ~A)⊢ A ⊃ B2. ~C⊢ (D ∧ C) ⊃ E3. F ⊃ GF ∨ (H ∧ G)⊢G4. ɪ ≡ JK ∨ ~J⊢ɪ ⊃ K


logic translation

Quantified Logic TranslationUsing the given the symbolization key, translate the following sentences. UD: people Bx: x is a baker. Jx: x is a judge. Px: x can make pâte à choux. Ux: x... more

Truth Table determine statement

( S ∨ M) ∨ (∼ M ⊃ S) Determine if this statement is Tautologous Contingent Self - Contradictory

Critical Thinking

Translate the following statements into symbolic form using the letters provided. If Trump hid the phone transcript, then he should either be impeached or should resign. (H,I,R)

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