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statistics help

Assume that when adults with smartphones are randomly​ selected, 49​% use them in meetings or classes. If 7 adult smartphone users are randomly​ selected, find the probability that at least 5 of... more


Please help with geometry homework!

Question 1: A point is chosen randomly on line AD. Identify the probability that the point is on line BD.A.) 5/8B.) 3/8C.) 7/16D.) 13/16Question 2: Identify the area of the trapezoid.Here are the... more

Eleven less than five times a number is 59


log3x+ log3(x-2) = 1

This is the correct equation. log3x+ log3(x-2) = 1Thanks for the help!!


If the distance from your dorm to the location of your first class is 10.5 inches on this map, do you have to walk more than a mile or less than a mile to get to your first class? By how much?

The scale on a campus map states that 1 inch represents 500 feet. Is it less than or more than 30 feet?

Math problem help

Find the area and perimeter of the Trapezoid.since I cannot put an image of or draw it on here I will describe it. In the trapezoid there are two right triangles in the left top corner and left top... more


If the length of the side of a rhombus is represented by x +3, which expression represents the perimeter of the rhombus?

A. 4x + 3B. 4x + 12C. x2 + 9D. x2 + 6x + 9


Use the given values to evaluate(if possible) three trigonometric functions cos x, csc, tan x

I must use the given values to evaluate(if possible) three trigonometric functions cos x, csc x, tan x.Sin=1/3 cos>0A. Cos x= -2√2/3. Csc x=3 . Tan x= √2/4


systems of linear equations

Two pools are being filled with water. To start, the first pool contains 1900 liters of water and the second pool contains 1645liters of water. Water is being added to the first pool at a rate... more


m is the midpoint of ln find LM MN and LN LM=9X-11 MN=3X-43

you must be able to provide x as well


How do you solve 4sin^2x+4cosx-5=0


Solving Tax Rate or interest rate problem

Last year, Kala had $30,000 to invest. She invested some of it in an account that paid 6% simple interest per year, and she invested the rest in an account that paid 8% simple interest per year.... more


Find f(a), f(a + h), and the difference quotient f(a + h) − f(a) / h , where h ≠ 0.

f(x)= 4 / x+6a. f(a)=b. f(a+h)=c. f(a+h) - f(a) ---------------- h


How do I set up the problem? How much does each earn?

Alice,bob, and Mary completed a project and were paid $25,000. Before the project started, they agreed that alice should be paid $1000 less than twice Mary’s share and bob should be paid $2000 more... more
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