How to prevent a sentence beginning with the word "The"?

I am writing a technical thesis and find myself using the word *the* an awful lot.Here are some examples (I spare the technical gibberish):> The main purpose of the presented applications is to... more

Does Gale have a sadistic streak, or is he merely willing to be ruthless?

There are two particular incidents that I was thinking of in particular. First was his comment to Katniss prior to the first Hunger Games that killing people in the Arena wasn't really all *that*... more


What are the standard genre characteristics of contemporary women's fantasy?

I want to write a fantasy novel with a female protagonist, and I want to familiarize myself with reader expectations. Is there still a tradition of (medieval-type) fantasy by and for women, and... more

Why does the ring finger not move independently?

Why is it that we need to move little finger in order to move ring finger with it? For example, put your palm on a table and fold your middle finger inside. You won't be able to move your ring... more


Rewrite this " I love myself"


Is AIDS on the decline globally?


What was it that made Spanish flu so devastating?

Is "Where do you sit?" correct for asking someone where their workspace is?

At work, if I had to ask someone where exactly they worked, as in where their workspace/cubicle is, what should I say? Is "where do you sit?" the usual thing to say? I'm from India and hear this... more

What punctuation to use when a character is writing something down?

I'm trying my hand at editing a friends work, and I've got a little stumped.They wrote the following:> 'Thinks he's the smartest one in the room,' Henry wrote on a piece of paper.(For context,... more

What are some Que and Clues on 3rd Person POV shift?

I am writing in 3rd person limited POV. I have noticed I have section of text that seem to shift to omniscient. A lot of this happens when I'm forced to tell bits of information to the reader. By... more

What is the correct way to switch dialogue between two or more characters during a conversation without it being confusing for the reader?

When I use dialogue within the stories I write I have a bad habit of writing dialogue after dialogue without indication as to who is talking. An example is when I do this in a story> “Arden!... more

Sentence rhythm?

Writers are advised to read their work aloud to spot issues they wouldn't otherwise, and maybe work out what it'll take to fix them. Things you might otherwise miss... more

How can I write a polite reminder letter?

Can anyone please help me about creating a reminder letter, I sent a payment email 15 days ago. Now how can I write a polite reminder letter to the related organization?

Can an antipyretic (I.e. Aspirin) lower normal body temperature?

Is it possible for an antipyretic medication taken when not experiencing fever to cause a person's body temperature to drop below normal? I found [one... more

Can early exposure to stimulates, like ritalin, result in higher tolerance to them?

As a child I was diagnosed with ADD and put on Ritalin from a young age. As a child I use to have significant insomnia, but did not realize it was due to Ritalin until I finally stopped taking it... more

How to edit story structure?

I’ve written a plot for a long story. But it’s not easy for anybody to review because my characters’ dialogue and goals are all over the place, it’s often usually mixed up and I struggle to... more

Can anyone help me write a story with these words in it

AbjureConvolutedWinsome BemuseInsurgentIndignantQuixoticRanconteurTrifleFrugalTenaciousAdulation Rancorous

How does the placement of transition sentences affects the meaning/tone of a piece?

Example:> Finally, I began questioning the kid. What was her name? Where were> her parents? And most important, what was she doing outside in this> horrible weather? She replied to none of... more

Redouble, double, or double again?

I have seen double and double again a lot. Redouble, not so much.I found out that redouble can mean to double again, to double, or in general to intensify whether that is double, triple, quintuple,... more

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