Bill is carelessly playing with a glass beaker. Bill throws the beaker up with an initial speed of 3.0 m/s at a height of 1.0 m above the ground.

a- If Bill catches the beaker at the same height that he threw it at how long is the beaker in the air?b- If Bill doesn’t catch it but instead allows it to fall down to the ground below how long... more


Model Contexts with Two Variable Expressions Q2

Kevin went to the grocery store and bought bottles of soda and bottles of juice. Each bottle of soda has 30 grams of sugar and each bottle of juice has 40 grams of sugar. Kevin purchased a total of... more


Express the perimeter P of a rectangle as a function of the length L. if the width of the rectangle is twice its length.

College Algebra. Not sure how to answer this question. The box to fill in the answer looks like P( ) =

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