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Plot the pre-image, Quadrilateral STUV: S(-2,-2), T(-5,-6), U(-6,-6), V(-6,-5) b. Then, rotate the quadrilateral 90⁰ clockwise about the origin creating image S’T’U’V’ c. Then, translate S’T’U’V’... more


Find the product of (−6 −3i) and its conjugate

Find the product of (−6 −3i) and it's conjugate.


Algebra Question

On the first 6 exams of his chemistry class, William got an average score of 80. What does he need on the next exam to have an overall average of 82?


Derivative Problem

The limit below represents a derivative f'(a). Find f(x) and a. lim. (5+h)2 - 25/h x->0


Find the Domain of the function step by step {√(4-x)+√(3+x)}÷{x^2-1}

Find the Domain of the function step by step {√(4-x)+√(3+x)}÷{x^2-1}


Inclined plane and pulley together

An object of mass m=3 kg is put on an inclined plane and tied along stationary pulley to a spring with coefficient k=80 N/m. The angle of the inclinde plane is 30 degrees, there are no friction... more


Third law of motion is so confusing?

According to Newton's third law, whenever objects A and B interact with each other, they exert equal and opposite forces upon each other. I have always struggled with how to apply this law to... more

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A mother wants to invest $5000.00 for her son’s education. She invests a portion of the money in a bank certificate of deposit (CD account) which earns 4% and the remainder in a savings bond that... more

How many students were in the group initially?

A group of students decide to divide the $400 profit from their book sale among themselves. When they realize that there are three additional students with whom they must split the profits, they... more

According to Charles's law, which of the following will occur if the temperature of a gas is decreased?

1. The pressure of the gas will decrease   2. The pressure of the gas will increase   3. The mass of the gas will increase   4. The volume of the gas will increase    5. The volume of the... more


According to the kinetic molecular theory, gas particles have _____ attractive forces and have and exhibit _____ collisions

Which 2 words fill in the blank?   1. Negligible, elastic   2. Large, elastic   3. small inelastic    4. Negligible, inelastic    5. Small, elastic   I believe the answer is #1 not sure 

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