227 days in Life of Pi, coincidence or symbolical?

I'm wondering whether it is known whether the 227 days in Life of Pi symbolical is for pi or that the symbolism I see (as a mathematician :)) is pure coincidence. I think that it is symbolic for... more

Should I use " related" or "-related"?

What is **the correct use of the term *"related?"*** For example, should I use it like *computer related*, or is it more proper to use *computer-related* (where the word *"computer"* is just part... more

When can I omit the subject?

Can I omit the subject if it has been mentioned in a preceding sentence? For example, is the phrase inside the parentheses necessary in the below?: >> The sculpture A exhibits degradation... more


Is it correct to write: "I versus my family"?

Is it correct to write: "I versus my family"

Who chained the albatross to the mariner's neck?

In the long poem by Samuel Coleridge, _The Rime of the Ancient Mariner_, the mariner talks about an albatross being chained to his neck: > Instead of the cross, the albatross > About my... more

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