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Write a brief story or well- developed paragraph (5-7 sentences) in which you use all the words properly. It must be clear from your writing that you understand each word's meaning.Exorbitant... more

NRA and their influences

write a ½ page essay (minimum of 200-300 words) that explains how the NRA is an example of an interest group, what tactics they use, how they influence the government, legislation (laws) and... more


Can you write a short story using these words

Incentive Integral Integrity Integrate Incite Induce Inherit Intrinsic Incipient Infer (any form of the word is fine!)

Need Help ASAP. Homework question.

Is it beneficial for the US to join forces with other nations of the world? Why/why not?


The Mid-to Late Twentieth Century

After World War ll, technological advancements radically changed how people viewed themselves, humanity, and the world. For example, rockets carried people into space, the splitting of atoms tapped... more


Is this a simile or hyperbole?

The tunnel opened its arms and devoured me.

Can you help me Write a brief story (well-developed paragraph)

1. UNADORNED (adj): plain, undecorated2. UNDERSCORE (v): to emphasize or give additional weight to3. UNILATERAL (adj) relating to, occurring on, or involving one side only4. UNPRECEDENTED (adj):... more


Plzz help me anwser

Write a short paragraph about a famous writer and indicate his/her background and interests

What was George Washington's role in American History? Why was he important and what made him an influential figure?

What was George Washington's role in American History? Why was he important and what made him an influential figure? I'm interested to learn about American History between 1607 and 1865, mainly... more


Can anyone help me in writing paragraph using these words

Bombastic fiascodolefulfettertorpidtorriddishevelbalkassailquail

How many Members of Congress are there?

How many individuals are Members of the United States Congress? This includes both the Senate and House of Representatives.


American History- Compromise of 1850 & Fugitive Slave Act

Writing Prompt: (Quiz Grade) Write two well constructed paragraphs responding to the prompt from below. Make sure to demonstrate your knowledge from today's work and any other previous work we have... more

How can I write an effective conclusion to a persuasive essay?

I've written the introduction and body paragraphs of my paper, but I am not sure what to write in my conclusion. Is the conclusion supposed to be the same as the introduction?


How to improve the clarity of your writing?

Sometimes it takes courage to write simply and clearly. It takes courage to simplify our thoughts for the sake of clarity. But the end result is often a much clearer and poignant message.


what are the answers to questions 1 2 3 4 and 5 for the common lit “Excerpt of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Chapter12”

what is the answer to the multiple choice and the open ended

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