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What is  equal to? A, B. C. D.

A difficult integration question from india please help

Integration of x5÷√1+x3+x6Please solve and tell me all the steps please help

What is the value of tan(Θ)


If x+2y=100 and 3x+2y=180, what is x and y?


Solve the given system using the substitution method

y=3x-76x-2y=12solve the given system using the substitution method

integration of x + 2 whole square


Find the speed?

A kayak can travel 30 miles downstream in 55 ​hours, while it would take 15 hours to make the same trip upstream. Find the speed of the kayak in still​ water, as well as the speed of the current.... more

Percent of expenses

Compute the total cost per year of the following pair of expenses. Then complete the​ sentence: On an annual​ basis, the first set of expenses is​ _______% of the second set of expenses.Compute the... more


If 14x + 14 = 0, what is x?

Put the equation in standard form and then solve by using the quadratic equation. Alvin throws the football to a receiver who jumps up to catch the ball. The height of the ball over-

3. Alvin throws the football to a receiver who jumps up to catch the ball. The height of the ball over time can be represented by the quadratic equation -4.9t2 + 7.5t + 1.8 = 2.1 . This equation is... more

martha received a 4% raise. Her new weekly salary is 249.60. What was her salary before the raise?

I have a terrible professor. She told us the answer but not how she got it.


Is 1,737,194 divisible by 3?


If Lin is reading a 47-page book and she reads the first 20 pages in 35 minutes, at the same rate, would she be able to complete her book in a hour?

My mind is really blank right now and I have to study for this quiz tomorrow.


If Maria paid 240 dollars for a table set after a discount of 40% what was the original price?

Please help i have no clue what the answer is!!


Barry is paid 1.5 times what he is paid regularly for extra time(40 hours). He is regularly paid $10 per hour. What is the equation for how much he is going to get for 40 hours or more.

F(x)=10h+15(h-40)So.. can you just please confirm it to me to know if it's right or not? Thanks.


Calculus question

Find the Differential dy for y=4x^2+1/x


Help me i dont really understand this eqation!

A map shows the town where niko lives. the actual distance from nikos house to his school is 3 miles and measures one half inch on the map The actual distance from nikos school to the library is 4... more


set up an equation to help you solve each word problem below.

our more than twice jason's age is the same as his age ten years from now. How old is jason now ?


Algebra Problem

at the candy store last week you bought 4 dark chocolate bars and 5 milk chocolate bars for $20. today, you bought 3 dark chocolates and 4 milk chocolates for $15.50. how much does each type of... more


Finding the perimeter

Finding the perimeter or area? The length of a rectangle is twice it’s width. If the area of a rectangle is 50 yd2 finds it’s perimeter YD:


My math is hard

Jaclyn has $120 saved and earns $40 each month in allowance. Pedro has $180 saved and earns $20 a month in allowance.If they both save their entire allowances, how long will it take before Jaclyn... more


Math homework help

Maria got some sweet baseball cards because she loves baseball. She spent a lot of money and bought 456 cards. She then bought a book to put those cards in. She can fit 11 cards on each page. How... more
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