What kind of "mathematical object" are limits?

When learning mathematics I tend to try to reduce all the concepts I come across to some matter of interaction between sets and functions (or if necessary the more general Relation) on them.... more


Why does work depend on distance?

So the formula for work is$$ \\left[\ ext{work}\\right] ~=~ \\left[\ ext{force}\\right] \\, \ imes \\, \\left[\ ext{distance}\\right] \\,. $$ I'm trying to get an understanding of how this... more

How to tell if a single day of weather is an anomaly or due to climate change?

I am interested in understanding how to tell if a single day of 'abnormal' weather is due to climate change or not. From my understanding, you would compare this day's weather to historical... more


Same mean, different standard deviation in data sets?

How would a data set containing the values of a variable with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 3 compare with another data set containing the same variable, but a mean of 50 and a standard... more

Stuck On This Physics Problem

An ion accelerated through a potential difference of 60.00 V has its potential energy decreased by potential energy of 1.92*10-17 J. Calculate the charge on the ion.   I got 3.2*10-19 as my... more

Math question help?

If xy= 8 and x2 + y2 = 20, what is one possible value of x + y?

Password security

Assume a password 2 characters in length. The bank of characters available consists of capital letters, lower case letters, 10 punctuation symbols, and 10 numbers: a total of 72 choices for each... more


A car with wheels of radius 0.405 meters is driving down the road at a constant 19.0 m/s.

A.What is the angular speed of the wheels B. How many rotations is this How far does the car travel is 54.2 seconds


Find the current price of the item and the price 10 years from today. Round your answers to the nearest dollar as necessary.

If the rate of inflation is 3.9% per year, the future price p(t) (in dollars) of a certain item can be modeled by the following exponential function, where t is the number of years from... more

Wirless sets are manufactured with 25 soldered joints each on the average 1 joint in 500 is defective.

How many sets can be expected to be free from defective joints in a consignment of 10000 sets?


Projectile motion

How would the time of flight the range an the maximum height of an object exhibiting projectile motion change if A) only the vertical component of its initial velocity is increased? B) only the... more


Two point charges are brought closer together,....

Two point charges are brought closer together, increasing the force between them by a factor of 84. By what factor was their separation decreased?

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