If I run 642meters in 2.23mins how long will it take me to run 1500metsrs

if it took 2.23 minutes to run 642m how long would it take to run 1500m  

what is the acceleration of a car going from 4m/s to 14m/s in 5 seconds

I completely forgot how to work out acceleration ! im hoping I can get help


If the price of gas is $3.66 how much gallons will you get for &17

How much gall of gas for $17 if the price 



Use the theorem below to answer the question.Suppose θ is an acute angle residing in a right triangle. If the length of the side adjacent to θ is a, the length of the side opposite θ is b, and the... more

A right triangle has side lengths that are consecutive even integers.

 A right triangle has side lengths that are consecutive even integers.  *Note:  Consecutive even integers are even integers that follow each other.  They have a difference of 2 between every two... more


suppose joe earned three times as much as mickey during the summer. together they earned $210. how much did each earn?

im doing a math story problem and i’m struggling figuring it out. coukd i have some help?

Helen's age is 1/2 of Ray's age. Ray's age is 4/7 of Danny's age. Given that Danny is 15 years older than Helen, how old is Ray?

 What is the answer to this word problem? I cannot figure it out. 

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