algebra rational equation

In 9 ​minutes, a conveyor belt moves 300 pounds of recyclable aluminum from the delivery truck to a storage area. A smaller belt moves the same quantity of cans the same distance in 45 minutes. If... more

Stuck On This Word Problem

One number is eight less than a second number. Four times the first is 14 more than 2 times the second. Find the numbers.

How do I solve this and put it in standard form?

Write the following expression as a simplified polynomial in standard form.(x-1)^2 -4(x-1)+8

If 180°<α<270°, cos⁡ α=−817, 270°<β<360°, and sin⁡ β=−45, what is cos⁡(α+β)?

If 180°<α<270°, cos⁡ α=−817, 270°<β<360°, and sin⁡ β=−45, what is cos⁡(α+β)?

trig need help, with one last equation in my problem

If sinx=49, x in quadrant I, then find (without finding x)sin(2x)= 2(4/9)(sqrt(65)/9)cos(2x)= 1-2(4/9)^2tan(2x) = ?

What is lagging effect?

I have no idea what this question is about. I have the graph plotted but stuck at lagging effect? 'Does this plot support the theory that lead in the environment (and hence taken up by children) is... more

How to write the expression for (s×t)(2)


Help with volume

The base of a solid in the first quadrant of the xy plane is a right triangle bounded by the coordinate axes and the line x + y = 6. Cross sections of the solid perpendicular to the base are... more

Solve for x: 81^5x^2 * (1/9)^2x =27

If tan ⁡x=60/11, and π<x<3π/2, what is sin(x-π)?

If tan ⁡x=60/11, and π<x<3π/2, what is sin(x-π)?


Algebra homework

Which of the following does NOT represent a linear relationship?A. 4y-5x+6=0B. y=4x+6C. y=6/3x-7D. y=3x-7/6

just need an explaintion i can go off of

Express tan(23°−21°) in terms of tangents of 23∘ and 21∘. You do NOT need to type in the degree symbol. Be sure to PREVIEW your answer before submitting!

precaculus help please

Find all the rational zeros of the function f(x)=x5−7x4+19x3−37x2+60x−36.Select one:a. x=2,-3,-1b. x=-3,2c. x=1,3d. x=2,-2,3,1


What’s the LCM of this question

10(x+3)3(x-2)2 and 12(x+3)2(x-2)

Both the horizontal and vertical distances between adjacent pegs on the square geoboard equal 1.

Find the area of the region that is common to both triangles.Here is the link to the figure. Please remove the spaces before docs and after google.https:// more

The System of Equations

Recall that the 2x2 coding matrix I used wasFind the inverse of the coding matrix to find the decoding matrix.


Math question!!

In triangle EFG the measurement of angle E is four times the measure of angle F. The measure of angle G is 18 degrees less than the measure of angle E. What is the measure of each angle? 

Type the composition (fog)(x) of the given functions:

f(x) = x2 + 2x − 6 and g(x) = x + 5.

Write a polynomial function of f

Write a polynomial function of f pf the least degree that has rational coefficients, and a leading coefficient of 1, and the zeroes 1 and 5-√2


Struggling with concept on this Math problem

IN a random sampling from a survey concerning music listening habits, 120 out of 180 mid-level executives preferred country to heavy metal. Taking all the data from the survey, 336 mid-level... more
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