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rolling dice probability

Suppose a single fair die is rolled. Find the probability that it is a 4​, given that it is an odd number.

Form a system of equations to solve the problem. The sum of two numbers is 12. The difference of the numbers is 5. What is the smaller of the two numbers?

Hey, having an issue with this problem. Hopefully someone can figure it out! Thanks so much!

-15 × what number gives you a -14

-15 × what number gives you a  - 14


Word Problem

The top walking deck of a sail boat is 20 2/3feet long. This is only 7/9 of the length of the boat. How long is the boat?

In a study of smokers who tried to quit smoking 39 were smoking year after treatment and 32 were not smoking.

Use a 0.05 significance level to test that the majority of people ARE smoking a year after the treatment. a) what is the null hypothesis? b) what is the alternative hypothesis? c) what is the... more

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