Do I need to sound upbeat when speaking in public if that is not natural to me?

Absolutely not. Pretending to be "upbeat" or even confident can backfire. If you get nervous, you will be more worried about what you look like versus about the message you are trying to convey. As... more

What is the tragic form?

Particularly in Shakespeare's Macbeth? Thank you

I need help with this question

Blakes cell phone company charges him $20 plus $0.40 a minute. Steven’s cell phone company charges him $45 and $0.25 a minute. For how many minutes would Steven and Blake have to talk on their cell... more


Twice the sum of a number and 8 is larger than 6


Point P is at (2,4) and point Q os at (3,4). Find PQ.

I found this question asked by a student. I think it is really technical and it takes only to apply one formula in order to solve it. You can join me for a discussion on how to solve it.


What is the reciprocal of 3 to the power7


Riding bicycles

Two cyclists, 42 miles apart, start riding toward each other at the same time. One cycles 2 times as fast as the other. If they meet 2 hours later, what is the speed (in mi/h) of the faster cyclist?


Sons Math Question

The forumula for hiring a bike is C = 5 + 2h where C is the cost in £'s and h is the number of hours hired. work out the cost of horing the bike for 4 hours.


A story using devise, discrimination, correlation, conceive, contradict

A story using devise, discrimination, correlation, conceive, contradict , class, ethics


Write an equation for each situation and the solve

Ten decreased by twice a number is the same as -28. Find the number


What numbers =20


Algebra word problem related to area

A square filed has an area of 479 ft2. What is the approximate length of a side of the filed? Give your answer to the nearest foot. Explain your response. My son is homeschooled and this is one of... more


I really dont understand this question or what its asking me to do

if twice the first integer added to the second is 268250 find all three integers

What is the difference between first and third person when reading?

In reading and then writing, a story is told by authors either in first, second, or third person. Do you or your child know the answer?


Was Catcher in the Rye autobiographical?

Was *Catcher in the Rye* by J.D. Salinger in any way based on Salinger's earlier life, like the works of Charles Dickens?

What makes a sentence a run-on? Can reading the sentence aloud help?

My friend said that she has to take a breath in the middle of a long sentence and that makes it a run-on. Is that correct? How do I know if it is a run-on sentence?


Which is better in Revit, architecture or structure?


Does Revit do everything?

Write a subtraction expression for the vertical distance

A shark is at -80 feet. He swims up and jumps out of the water to a height of 15 feet. Write a subtraction expression for the vertical distance the shark travels.

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