Why study linear algebra?

Simply as the title says. I've done some research, but still haven't arrived at an answer I am satisfied with. I know the answer varies in different fields, but in general, why would someone study... more


How do you graph f(x)= e^-(x+2) if x is less than -2 ; f(x)= e^(x+2) if x is greater than or equal to -2.

I just need a breakdown of how to graph this.f(x)= ( e-(x+2) if x is less than -2 e(x+2) if x is greater than or equal to -2 )

Very good linear algebra book.?

I plan to self-study linear algebra this summer. I am sorta already familiar with vectors, vector spaces and subspaces and I am really interested in everything about matrices (diagonalization,... more


Where to start learning Linear Algebra?

I'm starting a very long quest to learn about math, so that I can program games. I'm mostly a corporate developer, and it's somewhat boring and non exciting. When I began my career, I chose it... more


What is the difference between a point and a vector?

I understand that a vector has direction and magnitude whereas a point doesn't. However, in the course notes that I am using, it is stated that a point is the same as a vector. Also, can you do... more

What is a basis for the vector space of continuous functions?

A natural vector space is the set of continuous functions on $\\mathbb{R}$. Is there a nice basis for this vector space? Or is this one of those situations where we're guaranteed a basis by... more

Quadratic equations

b2 – 4ac part of the quadratic formula is called “discriminant” and can be used to determine the number and type of solution(s). Determine the number and type of solution(s) of the following... more


What exactly are eigen-things?

[Wikipedia](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eigenvalues_and_eigenvectors) defines an eigenvector like this: *An eigenvector of a square matrix is a non-zero vector that, when multiplied by the... more

Is the rank of a matrix the same of its transpose? If yes, how can I prove it?

I am auditing a Linear Algebra class, and today we were taught about the rank of a matrix. The definition was given from the row point of view: > "The rank of a matrix A is the number > of... more


Is a cone a polyhedron?


Is a cone a polyhedron?

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