What if the United States court system were to institute a "Deviance Court?"

 What types of behaviors do you think they would would criminalized?What would be the consequences of this court?


Spanish question words

What are spanish question words and how do you use them!?


Are both "in regards to" and "regarding to" correct?

Do _in regards to_ and _regarding to_ imply different meanings or is it okay to use them interchangeably? Example: > This mail is in regards to your inquiry. > This mail is regarding to... more

“Que viene” vs “proximo”?

I have seen the expression, “*next year*” translated as both “**el ano que viene**” and “**el ano proximo**.” Are there regional preferences? Which one is more natural and why? Which translation is... more


If 65 equeals 100% what does 59 equeal

Show me how I can figure this out 

How many students are in all?

Two-thirds of the student body attended the pep rally. If there were 982 at the pep rally. how many students are in all?


WHat does the term implicit mean

i don’t understand what it means


need help with ela essay

How does Fitzgerald place himself in his works?1) Many people have claimed that Fitzgerald places himself within his work.In a well constructed essay, select either one of the two quotes... more


If I earned 301 out of 365 what is the letter grade

Can you tell me what the letter grade would be for 301 out of 365?


Hello! i just want to now that if you are not a good student is class 9, then how to get improved

please help me i am in class 9 and not going well i need some help


What are reflexive verbs in simple terms?


Is Spanish a useful language to learn in the USA?


If i have a 88.87% in my class, how much will a zero on a 200 point project drop my grade?

I need to know this because I don't understand the grading.

Is this sentence grammatically correct ?

Is this sentence correct ? “ Even though barley has intrinsic value, it was not easy to convince people to use it as money rather than as just another commodity.

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